Our Platform

We have researched the best testing platforms in the market and found that most are cumbersome, fragile, and hard to use.  So we designed and built Fraser River’s All‑In‑One platform designed for the most common field testing applications.

Whether you are measuring camshaft waveforms in a repair facility or the DC to AC throughput for your solar farm inverters, you know your field test instruments are awkward to carry and handle.  Combining our technology and integration with your solution gives you your next-generation field instrument: flexible, portable, and rugged.


Our Base Platform


All‑in‑One test instrument — no external PC
Solid‑state – no moving parts, such as a fan or hard disc drive
No moving buttons – wipe‑clean touch controls
Legends behind glass will not wear off
Industrial, long‑life Intel‑based PC inside
Front Panel is impervious to oil, grease, gasoline, diesel fuel, and other workplace dirt and fluids
Mountable (VESA) and hand portable

Base Specifications

WXGA 1280×800 10.1‑inch TFT LCD with efficient, adjustable LED backlight
Custom glass control panel with capacitive touch panel for screen
USB 2.0 Host (external): 2 for keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.
USB 2.0 Host (internal): 4 for Wireless LAN controller, touch panel, power supply microcontroller, spare
USB 3.0 Host (internal): 1 for data acquisition hardware
Wi‑Fi compatible with IEEE 802.11 n/g/a networks


Intel dual‑ or quad‑core (Atom E3845) processor
or ARM processor (such as i.MX6 dual‑ or quad‑core)
RAM: 2 GB or 4 GB
Storage: 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB SSD
OS: Linux or Windows 10 preinstalled
Or — to your specifications


We build to Your Requirements


Enclosure colours

Lava Grey for field environments where the unit might get dirty

Hospital Beige for the typical lab or medical environment

Operating system

Windows on x86
Linux on x86
Linux on ARM

Wireless network connectivity

IEEE 802.11 (Wi‑Fi)
Cellular or other Wide Area Network
Global Navigation Satellite System, such as GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo

Wired network connectivity

dial‑up modem


Full‑shift battery pack
Vehicle power adapter/charger
External power