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FRRCT Demo and Pitch at VEF / Vantec in Vancouver

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Jocelyn and I got to see a lot of new startups, as well as investors. The usual suspects were there, plus some new faces.  Everybody LOVES our rugged computers!

We had the CEO of a new Tidal Power company ask if we can create a service/diagnostic computer for their floating power stations.
And one of the event’s organizers suggested another target market for us.
There was lots of positive energy in the room.
And the food and beer at the end was pretty awesome too!

Thanks to Jocelyn and her BF for helping cart all our stuff back to the car after.
We had a fun and productive event, thanks to VanTec, Thealzel Lee, Mike Volker, and Steve Kim wrangling the tech.

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The All-in-One Pico Automotive Oscilloscope

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The Fraser River Platform Showcased at ATE 2017

Here is the ATE-4004 mounted on a VESA monitor arm, in the PICO booth at Automotive Test Expo, in Novi Michigan.

It has the standard power cable with battery-clamps connected to a “battery simulator box” with 12 volt power.

This was a pre-production unit, but it demonstrated all the functionality of the final product, including out updated custom power-supplies offering longer run-time in “battery-only” mode.