Case Study

ATE 4004 by Fraser River Rugged Computers and Technology

This is the story about the creation of the ATE-4004 Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscope.

In automotive diagnostics, the oscilloscope is the tool of choice for technicians. The problem is the old generation oscilloscopes are cumbersome and fragile. Our customer approached us to design and build a testing instrument to be used by technicians that would be rugged, portable, multi-functional and easy to use.

The solution is based on our rugged instrument platform which incorporates industry renowned hardware and software, an industrial Windows-powered computer, proprietary power supplies and a 10.1″ bright LCD behind a custom projected capacitive touch screen with easy access menus buttons.

The ATE 4004 with VESA mount.

Designed to enable automotive technicians to solve complex vehicle faults without needing an external PC or trailing cables, the ATE 4004 features touch buttons to make the essential and common software features of the Pico ™ software easy to use. It allows internet access to Pico ™ training videos or emailing and web browsing.

The device is powered from a combination of built-in batteries plus a power-cable with battery clamps.  Unlike a laptop, which will be dead in a few short hours due to the drain of the USB connected Automotive Oscilloscope, requiring a charger and extension cable to continue operation and limiting operation to within range of an AC power outlet, this device can operate all day and night, drawing a light load from a vehicle’s battery.  It can be used for an entire shift, miles from the nearest AC outlet.  No chargers needed.  No extension cords to present a tripping hazard.  Its a SAFE and efficient alternative to a rugged laptop, and roughly the same cost. 

The ATE 4004 is housed in a sturdy IP54 enclosure that is resistant to the typical workshop hazards or grease, gas, oil and moisture. A built in carry handle makes it easy to transport and the instrument has a VESA mount at the back to allow for an extension arm mounting. An optional holding clamp allows for mounting on round tubes or rails according to DIN EN ISO 19054.

Having an all-in-one automotive diagnostic unit like this means that technicians can have a device that not only helps track down automobile problems, it can also be used for on-the-engine training, taking the operator to relevant instructional material. It even offers possibilities for remote diagnosis, where the on-site operator is less well trained than a remote consultant viewing the device’s screen at a distance – anywhere in the world!

Fraser River integrates our base platform and firmware with your solution and electronics to create an all in one instrument for field testing in numerous applications and industries.