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We will launch the “Mark 2” version of our Rugged Computer for Instrumentation soon

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While our Rugged Mobile Computer platform has been praised as “technically brilliant” we blundered a bit on components, related to production costs. Clients loved the concept, but not the 1,000 unit MOQ (minimum order quantity). Unfortunately, we sourced the components with that figure in mind.

So, we went back to the drawing board, and re-designed the electronics inside with an aim to deliver product affordably in smaller order quantities of 100, or even less.  That impacted dozens of the components used.

Rugged and Ready!

Rugged and Ready!

You won’t see any differences from the outside. However, the unit is completely different on the inside, from the display at the front to the power-supply board and battery pack in the rear, and all the circuit boards in between.

Technically, its the same great product.  But now offered on “friendlier business terms”.

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FRRCT Demo and Pitch at VEF / Vantec in Vancouver

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Jocelyn and I got to see a lot of new startups, as well as investors. The usual suspects were there, plus some new faces.  Everybody LOVES our rugged computers!

We had the CEO of a new Tidal Power company ask if we can create a service/diagnostic computer for their floating power stations.
And one of the event’s organizers suggested another target market for us.
There was lots of positive energy in the room.
And the food and beer at the end was pretty awesome too!

Thanks to Jocelyn and her BF for helping cart all our stuff back to the car after.
We had a fun and productive event, thanks to VanTec, Thealzel Lee, Mike Volker, and Steve Kim wrangling the tech.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Sorry we didn’t get you anything (yet).

But we’re work on some things that you’re going to LOVE!